Part 2

Costumes for 'Friday the 13th' part 2.

Part 3 & 4

Pics of the costume for parts 3 & 4.

Part 5: Roy

Pics of the Part 5, Roy, costume.

Part 6

Pics of the Part 6 costume.

Part 7

Pics of the Part 7 costume.

Part 8

Pics of the Part 8 costume.

Part 9

Pics of the 'Jason Goes To Hell' costume.

Jason X

Pics of the Jason X costume (pics of the Ueber costume still on the way!).

Freddy vs. Jason

Pics of the 'versus' costume.

Remake (2009)

Pics of the Remake costume from 'Friday The 13th (2009)'

Custom Jason

Wickedbeard's custom version of Jason Voorhees.

Angela Voorhees

Female Jason designed and created by Wickedbeard.

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August 13-15 2010

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Jason Voorhees

This is where you'll find Wickedbeard's 'Friday the 13th' photos.